I don’t support comparisons; But you know fans will always fans – Black Sherif

Black Sherif
Black Sherif

Ghanaian rapper Black Sherif addressed those comparing Shatta Wale and Burna Boy to himself on HitzFM.

Since Kwaku The Traveller hit the streets, many controversies have emerged. From music analysts deciphering lyrics wrongly to many saying the ‘Blacko’ is better than many mainstream artists.

But the man himself, Black Sherif, has refuted the comparisons and agenda as he insists on giving respect to those gone before him to pave the way.

“I don’t support that. But you know music fans will always be music fans. So it’s left to us. Because e there’s no way I will downplay someone’s work or something. I respect the game. And I won’t compare myself to bigger names because that’s the game, and you don’t do that.”

Black Sherif
Courtesy of Native Mag

According to Black Sherif, he doesn’t give such claims fuel and disassociates himself from comparisons.

“I don’t know how the people put it, but I just don’t support that idea of comparing. But music fans will always be music fans, as I said.

“So I want to put it outside that I respect everyone’s work. Their hustle, you understand. And you can’t disrespect that. I respect the game. I can’t compare myself to bigger names, you understand. Their experiences and stuff, I’m not there,” Black Sherif iterated.

Some Ghanaians say that Black Sherif is a better musician than the dancehall act, Shatta Wale, who responded by asking the newbie to stay in his place. Shatta Wale cautioned Black Sherif not to let the hype get into his head least he forgets his bearing. People have gone as far as to compare Black Sherif with musical legend Daddy Lumba.

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