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I Will Sue Charter House and DJ Black for £100 Billion – DJ Azonto

Dj Azonto Outfit For Tgma Red Carpet
DJ Azonto outfit for TGMA Red Carpet

Ghanaian musician DJ Azonto has stated his intentions to take legal actions against DJ Black and Charter House for the unauthorized use of his song “Fa No Fom” during the Telecel Ghana Music Awards (TGMA), which took place last weekend on June 1st. .

At the just-ended Telecel Ghana Music Awards, Charter House and DJ Black allegedly played DJ Azonto’s “Fa No Fom” without obtaining proper consent or crediting him.

To make it more personal for DJ Azonto is the fact that he was present on the red carpet, yet was neither invited on stage to perform nor given the opportunity to participate in the event on stage, depriving him of rightful publicity and recognition.

On the red carpet, one of the most shocking moments came when DJ Azonto emerged onto the red carpet with some perplexing looks.

Despite being known for donning female clothes, DJ Azonto chose nursing garb for the red carpet event, complete with a strangely worded apron.

According to DJ Azonto, the unauthorized use of his song “Fa No Fom” not only violates copyright laws but also disrespects his intellectual property rights.

As such, he is left with no option but to seek legal redress to protect his interests and ensure such actions are not repeated in the future. This lawsuit demands £100 billion in damages.

DJ Azonto added he believes in the importance of respecting the hard work and creativity of artists, and is committed to upholding these principles.

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