InDuna’s Latest Release “Say What You Want” Advocates for Open Communication in Relationships

Say What You Want
Say What You Want

InDuna, the talented South African self-taught artist and producer, is making waves with his latest song, “Say What You Want.” This soulful track carries a vital message about the significance of open and honest communication in maintaining healthy and thriving relationships.

“Say What You Want” is a musical reminder that effective communication is the foundation of strong connections. In relationships, whether they’re romantic, familial, or platonic, clarity in expressing thoughts, desires, and needs is essential. The song emphasizes that no one possesses the ability to read minds, making it imperative to openly convey one’s feelings and intentions.

InDuna’s journey to creating “Say What You Want” is both intriguing and relatable. The catchy chorus of the song sprang to life during a heated argument with his ex-girlfriend. Interrupting the conversation, he rushed to the piano to play those memorable notes and the chorus, which ultimately became the song’s core. Remarkably, InDuna returned to the conversation with a newfound musical idea.

However, the song remained incomplete for two years as he grappled with how to start it and add verses. The breakthrough occurred when InDuna moved to Auckland and collaborated with David from Nesian Mystik. Together, they breathed life into the song, and the missing verses finally found their place. They discovered that adding some guitar was the missing piece of the puzzle, and David’s assistance helped bring it all together. Later on, InDuna joined forces with Jpec to fine-tune the song, preparing it for their upcoming project.

About InDuna:

InDuna’s musical journey is intertwined with his life’s challenges and triumphs. Born in South Africa, he endured a challenging childhood, spending his early years in the Johannesburg and Limpopo slums. At the age of eight, he found refuge in an orphanage, and at fourteen, he was offered the opportunity to move to New Zealand.

His passion for music ignited after hearing Brenda Fassie’s “Nomakanjani,” and he soon started producing his own music after high school. Music became his therapeutic outlet, a way to express emotions and cope with his past and present experiences.

InDuna’s music is a fusion of genres, including Hip-hop, R&B, and Pop, influenced by his exposure to diverse music as a child and his participation in a choir. His African roots infuse his vocals and sounds, adding a unique narrative and vibe to his music.

His single “Save Me” from the self-produced EP “Dreams of an Underdog” garnered 58,000 views across YouTube and Facebook. “Black Man Running,” his recent release, achieved impressive chart positions and acclaim.

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