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Indy Fontaine Takes Us on a Romantic Journey With “Is This Love”

Indy Fontaine
Indy Fontaine

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, Indy Fontaine has unveiled a smooth and fresh rendition of the hit song “Is This Love.” With her unique sound, she fully embraces the romantic lyrics and makes the song her own, leaving the audience wanting more.

This beautiful version of the song falls into the easy listening and adult contemporary genres, blending elements of pop, soft rock, and R&B. Fontaine’s vocals are powerful, clear, and brimming with emotion, gradually building throughout the song. The melody is carried by a rich and bright piano, complemented by the harmonious tones of an electric guitar, subtle basslines, and chilled percussion.

“Is This Love” was recorded and produced by Fontaine herself in her studio, Fontaine Records. Alongside the release of the song, she simultaneously launched a music video on YouTube. Fontaine is not only a singer-songwriter but also a producer and multi-instrumentalist. In recent years, she relocated from Havana, Cuba to the Miami area. This release marks the third out of eleven songs planned for release in the first half of 2024. The track is now available for streaming and download on all major platforms.

Michael Fahey contributed as the sound engineer and co-producer, while the song was mastered by Pete Lyman of Infrasonic Sound. The collaboration of these talented individuals has resulted in a polished and captivating musical experience.

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