Inert Drops New Hip-hop/Rap Track “Heelys Rider”


Senegalese-born artist Inert, now 23 years old, has recently released his latest track, “Heelys Rider.” This song, blending elements of hip-hop and pop, marks Inert’s arrival on the music scene and showcases his unique artistic perspective.

Inert’s journey began in Senegal, growing up in Dieuppeul, and ultimately led him to the bustling city of Paris. It was in this iconic city that Inert found inspiration for his art. Paris’s legendary grayness became the canvas upon which he painted his life experiences, his passions, and his struggles.

“Heelys Rider” is not just a song; it’s a piece of Inert’s soul, an expression of his deepest feelings. Inert considers his art not just music but “precious symphonic pain.” Through his lyrics, he masterfully translates his emotions into a musical form that resonates with listeners, much like a symphony that speaks to the heart.

In this new track, Inert takes audiences on a journey through his world, offering a unique blend of sounds that transcend genre boundaries. “Heelys Rider” reflects his artistry, showcasing his passion for storytelling through music.

Inert’s music is a testament to the power of artistic expression and how it transcends borders and languages. The fusion of hip-hop and pop in “Heelys Rider” creates a harmonious sound that invites listeners to immerse themselves in the world Inert has crafted through his art. Connect with Inert on Instagram and Listen to him on Spotify

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