Infinitum Ex Machina Presents “Endless Game” – A Fusion of Technology and Music

Infinitum Ex Machina, an indie producer and composer, breaks new ground with the single “Endless Game,” demonstrating a harmonious blend of technology and innovative musical composition.

Infinitum Ex Machina, a visionary project helmed by Burkay Donderici, emerges from the heart of Silicon Valley, where technology and innovation meet art and creativity. “Endless Game,” the latest single, showcases the perfect fusion of these elements.

Burkay Donderici, who holds a managerial position at a leading autonomous vehicle company, decided to explore his passion for music and technology concurrently. He embarked on this unique journey, composing and producing a collection of songs that bring together technology, innovation, and musical artistry.

“Endless Game” is a testament to the success of this endeavor. The single not only demonstrates Burkay’s talent as an indie producer and composer but also exemplifies his ability to leverage technology to craft innovative compositions. His collaboration with Lydia Salnikova on this track via SoundBetter showcases the potential of combining musical creativity with a technology background.

Infinitum Ex Machina aims to break new ground in the music industry by bringing together two worlds that are often seen as distinct – technology and music. The project’s first five singles released by September 2023 set the stage for an exciting musical journey.

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