Inkabi Zezwe Celebrates 1 Year Anniversary of Ground-Breaking “Ukhamba” Album

Inkabi ZezweInkabi Zezwe

As the calendar turns another page, Inkabi Zezwe stands tall in celebration of the one-year anniversary of their ground-breaking album “Ukhamba”. Hailing from the rural town of Bergville in KwaZulu Natal, this dynamic trio comprising Inkabi Zezwe, comprising prolific musicians Sjava, and Big Zulu, has carved their names in the annals of South African music history with their trailblazing release.

Inkabi Zezwe’s “Ukhamba” Album Achievements

Ukhamba has racked up 53 million streams since its release a year ago. The album’s first single, ‘Umbayimbayi’, stormed the charts, achieving platinum status in a mere two and a half weeks after its release, and currently boasts a Triple Platinum certification.

‘Umbayimbayi’ soared to the top, claiming the #1 position on the Top 25 Johannesburg, Durban, and Top 100 South Africa Charts on Apple Music, just three days post-release. It also clinched the #1 spot on iTunes within the same timeframe.

Tracks like ‘Sayona’ and ‘Khaya Lami’ achieved Gold certification, further solidifying the album’s impact. The official music video for ‘Umbayimbayi’ has amassed over 10 million views on YouTube, a testament to its widespread appeal and resonance with audiences.

Inkabi Zezwe’s social media presence continues to flourish, with over 213K followers on TikTok, nearly 20k followers on Instagram, and almost 100k subscribers on their YouTube channel.

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