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I-sap Calls On Lyrical Joe, Suuparstar TZ & Siicie For New Single ‘Yesu Fr3wo’

I-Sap Music
I-sap Music

Ghanaian Hip-Life/Hip-Hop artist I-sap Music has released his newest song titled “Yesu Fr3wo.” The new single features 2022 VGMA Best Rap Performance award winner Lyrical Joe, Suuparstar TZ, and Siicie.

“Yesu Fr3wo” is a cry and call on God for divine intervention. Guided by this common message, all four artists check their ‘wish lists’ to cohesively create a street jam decorated by varying requests.

On contemporary Hip-Life instrumentals with Hip-Hop elements and a Drill feel, I-sap Music sings out the chorus in a way reflective of a praises session. This draws in the listener and resonates with his Ghanaian audience.

Isap Music
Isap music

The message; cry and call, is amplified in three catchy verses asking the maker for answers. Suuparstar TZ and Siicie both sail perfectly on the first two verses with each displaying their rap prowess while hoping all the boxes in their wish list are ticked.

Lyrical Joe comes in on the ultimate verse and as symbolic of him, takes the song to a whole new level. His Jacob Freedom Caesar wordplay is perhaps the best you would hear all month.

The chief theme on “Yesu Fr3wo” is simply accentuated in the line: “911 no fit save me Lord, so I go on my knees and I call on you.” I-sap Music is one of the exciting new voices in the music scene. This new release, “Yesu Fr3wo,” continues his streak of superb releases. Gaining recognition as one of the few street preachers, Isap Music’s versatility as an artist is of no doubt. He continues to share different messages and produce bangers in many genres. This new song is just one of many to expect from Isap Music in the last quarter of the year.

“Yesu Fr3wo” was produced by DCM Records and mixed by DatmixLord. Listen to “Yesu Fr3wo” here

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