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‘It was a dream come true’ – Black Sherif on his runway walk at London Fashion week

Black Sherif
black sherif

Ghanaian singer and rapper, Black Sherif, recently made a significant impact at the London Fashion Week, expressing his joy and excitement for the opportunity. In an interview with Kiss FM, a UK media house, the 22-year-old artist described the experience as a dream come true, emphasizing the significance of his participation in the prestigious event.

“I just knew that day way was coming and even with what Labrum stands for, I just feel like it had to happen. With where I am come from and the people, I represent it had to happen,” Blacko said.

Styled by Labrum, a UK-based fashion designer, Black Sherif graced the runway at the London Fashion Week on February 17, captivating the audience with his distinctive style and confident presence. Labrum, a British African heritage brand, is known for its commitment to telling the untold story of West Africa, bridging the gap between western and West African cultures.

The London Fashion Week is a highly reputable event in the fashion calendar, attracting top designers, celebrities, and influencers from around the world. Black Sherif’s participation at this esteemed event underscores his influence and interest in the fashion industry, as well as the representation of African talent on the global fashion stage.

This is not the first time Black Sherif has ventured into the world of fashion. Last year, he modeled for renowned UK fashion brand, Ellesse, further showcasing his passion for fashion and his unique sense of style.

Aside from his music career, Black Sherif has been recognized for his distinctive fashion sense, which is unapologetically reflected in the lyrics of his music. His involvement in the London Fashion Week aligns with his multifaceted artistic expression, demonstrating his ability to transcend boundaries and make an impact beyond the music industry.

Black Sherif’s foray into the fashion world is a testament to his versatility and creative vision, reflecting his commitment to exploring diverse artistic avenues. His participation in the London Fashion Week serves as a celebration of African talent and culture on a global platform, further solidifying his position as a multifaceted artist with a unique and influential voice

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