J.Swave Shares Empowering HipHop Anthem “This Year Is My Year”


UK Rap artist J.Swave has recently dropped a powerful HipHop song titled “This Year Is My Year.” With Nigerian roots and a diverse background, J.Swave has been making music for a considerable amount of time, captivating a growing audience with each new track.

J.Swave gained instant popularity with the release of his first mixtape, “Catch the Swave,” which garnered a significant number of streams. His debut EP, “III Styles,” released two years ago, achieved over 50,000 streams in less than a month—an impressive feat for an artist relatively new to the scene at the time.

This Year Is My Year
This year is my year cover

Beyond his musical accomplishments, J.Swave remains deeply connected to his community, using his platform to create impactful music that resonates with listeners. His songs are relatable, touching on themes that strike a chord with his audience.

J.Swave’s music incorporates a melodic twist, allowing the rhythm to flow effortlessly while showcasing his vocals. This layered and interesting sound sets him apart from others in the scene, with a warm and unorthodox flow that captivates listeners. His tracks, such as “Round and Round,” also showcase his energy, emphasizing his skills as both a rapper and vocalist.