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Jeazzy Shares New Amapiano Single “PAWA (Power)”


Jeazzy is a Guadeloupe-born French singer-songwriter with an atypical voice who draws inspiration from Josman, Meryl, and Kalash to create toplines. His unique flow blends vocals, rap and slam. He tackles eclectic themes and has an authentic universe drawn from his experiences in France, which he invites you to discover in French, English and Kreyol.

His latest single, “PAWA”, tells a simple story of someone going out to party. This summer, after a great night at the club, Jeazzy was inspired to come up with an Amapiano track. He wanted to make it as ambient as possible, a track that would stay in your head and make you want to move, whatever the situation so “PAWA” was born!

Jeazzy Pawa
Jeazzy pawa

Proud to have co-composed the instrumental and mixed the entire song. Jeazzy added percussion, claps and growls to add power to the song. The track features a single verse in French and Creole. Jacob Desvarieux (†) – lead singer of the west Indian group Kassav, to whom he paid tribute – can be heard at the beginning of the track. The adlibs of Sheck Wes’s “Mo Bamba” can also be heard at the start of each pre-chorus.

The track’s topline is, of course, the inescapable “PAWA”. The greatest challenge was to make an Amapiano sound without distorting this style, while adding his signature without tipping the sound into another register, and above all to create an unforgettable track.