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Jeristotle Strikes Gold with Latest Release “We Keep it Stackin”


Hip-hop sensation Jeristotle returns with his latest single, “We Keep it Stackin,” a celebratory anthem marking a milestone in his artistic journey.

Following the success of his debut album “The Birth Of An Artist” and the artistically impactful single “Kintsugi Beauty,” Jeristotle continues to excite audiences with his raw talent and profound storytelling.

“We Keep it Stackin” serves as an exclamation point on Jeristotle’s career as an artist and celebrates his hard-won success and determination. After years of self-discovery, Jeristotle has finally hit his stride, cementing his place as a visionary artist in the music industry.

“It’s not easy to stay true to yourself and your vision but it’s the only real way forward” says Jeristotle. “With ‘We Keep it Stackin,’ I wanted to celebrate a moment in time in which I truly feel worthy of the success that is meant for me on my journey.”

As Jeristotle continues to unveil his masterpiece while pushing the boundaries of artistic expression, “We Keep it Stackin” serves as a moment to raise the proverbial trophy even before the championship has been won. He invites audiences to join him on a journey of empowerment fueled by progress and inspiration.

Listeners who are ready to tap into the revolutionary energy of “We Keep it Stackin” can stream the single on all major platforms. Join Jeristotle as he celebrates success and embraces the next chapter in his artistic journey.

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