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Jerz & The Fatman Drop Soulful R&B Single “Overcast”

Jerz &Amp; The Fatman
Jerz & The FatMan

Dynamic duo Jerz & The Fatman have recently released their latest R&B single titled “Overcast.” This soulful track explores the opportunity to intimately connect with the person you love the most. Written by artist Jack Juan from Washington DC, the record showcases the duo’s production skills and their ability to create captivating music.

“Overcast” captures the essence of love and desire, presenting a heartfelt message through its smooth R&B sound. The song was produced by Jerz & The Fatman, who have an impressive track record, having worked on the 2009 Ecstatic Tour of rapper and actor Mos Def (now known as “Yasiin Bey”) and the EA Sports™ 2010 NBA Jam Tour. They have also produced music for artists such as Treach of Naughty By Nature, Cyhi da Prynce, and Rahman Apollo.

Jerz &Amp; The Fatman Overcast
Jerz & the fatman overcast

With their unique and versatile musical style, Jerz & The Fatman infuse their music with old-soul reincarnations, creating a sound that is both timeless and captivating. From Hip-Hop to Country & Western, their musical capacity knows no bounds.

Jerz, born Kevin May, and The Fatman, born Kenneth Bernard Wynn, met in 2002 during their senior year at Clifford J. Scott High School in East Orange, New Jersey. Their shared passion for music brought them together, and they began creating music in 2004. After a brief hiatus due to Jerz’s relocation to Atlanta for college, they reunited in 2007 and set up their studio in Southern New Jersey.

“Jerz and the Fatman” started as a joke but stuck as their moniker, as it had a nice ring to it. The duo’s dedication to honing their craft and their undeniable musical chemistry have contributed to their success in the music industry.

“Overcast” is a testament to Jerz & The Fatman’s ability to create soulful, melodic music that resonates with listeners. Their unique sound and undeniable talent continue to garner attention and recognition.

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