Jimah Unveils New Afro Reggae Single “Nobody Knows”

Jimah Nobody Knows

Talented artist Jimah has released his latest track, “Nobody Knows,” a captivating blend of Afro and reggae music. This song tells the heartfelt story of a love affair that was kept hidden from the world, exploring the emotional and mental impact of such a relationship.

“I made this song last year,” Jimah explained. “It’s an Afro reggae song that recounts a love affair I had with a girl I met in Chicago. Our relationship remained concealed from the prying eyes of the world, and I delve into the emotional and mental toll it took on me.”

With his unique sound and emotive storytelling, Jimah delivers a track that is both relatable and evocative. “Nobody Knows” captures the essence of love, secrecy, and the complex emotions that come with such hidden relationships.

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