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Joey Jaey Drops Amapiano Banger “King Kong”

Canadian/Nigerian singer, songwriter, and music producer Joey Jaey has recently released a new Amapiano song titled “King Kong.” Based in Toronto, Joey reignited his passion for songwriting when the global pandemic hit in 2020. Since then, he has been making waves in the music scene with his unique blend of genres.

In June 2020, Joey released his first single titled “Friends,” featuring Ajuju and Meyar, along with his debut EP ‘Discovery.’ This EP showcased a fusion of different music genres, including Pop, Afrobeat, and Reggaeton. In 2021, Joey continued to make his mark with five singles, including “Treat You Right,” “Rigmarole” featuring Meyar, “Eyes Wide Shut” featuring Tariq, “Diamond Hands,” and “Love Potion.”

Joey is known for experimenting with the music he creates, drawing influences from R&B and Soul. His sophomore EP, ‘Íjè Love,’ released on October 21, 2022, took a musical detour into Nigeria’s most popular genre, Afrobeats. The EP showcases Joey’s Nigerian roots and features the viral hit “Bam Bam,” which garnered attention for its engaging lyrics and excellent production.

With his latest release, “King Kong,” Joey Jaey dives into the Amapiano genre, adding another layer of versatility to his discography. Amapiano is a popular South African genre known for its infectious beats and grooves, making “King Kong” a track that is sure to get listeners moving.

Joey Jaey continues to showcase his talent and passion for music, blending various genres and creating captivating tracks. Keep an eye out for his future releases as he continues to make his mark in the music industry.