Joselyn Dumas Named ‘A powerhouse personality’ by GQ Magazine

Joselyn Dumas

Award winning Ghanaian actress and TV Host Jocelyn Dumas has been featured on GQ Magazine South Africa.

According to the international magazine, the award winning actress is considered a powerhouse personality was catapulted into stardom by playing active role in Adams Apple.

Joycelyn, in an introduction in the magazine, shared some interesting facts about herself, what she loves, hates and what her current obsessions are.

Joselyn Dumas, Image: Gilbert Asante
Joselyn dumas named 'a powerhouse personality' by gq magazine

One of the things that has become my obsession, especially since the pandemic, is to see young girls go to school. My foundation and I have been doing a lot of philanthropic work, providing donations of back to school supplies, menstrual cups and teaching young girls about menstrual hygiene.

We have been giving back to small communities by providing hand sanitisers, veronica buckets for the handwashing station and few other supplies. I love giving back, even if only one person is impacted, I feel like the job is done. I love so many things.

“Another two of my obsessions are beauty-related. They are the Narz Tinted Moisturiser and Magnet Extreme Lengthening Mascara from Benefit Cosmetics,” the actress said.

However, the award winning media personality went on to reveal that she hates when people wrongly accuse her or make false assumptions about who she is.

What I hate the most are lies. I hate it when people judge you falsely or assume things about other whom they don’t know and make false statements,” she added.

Joselyn Dumas, Image: Gilbert Asante
Joselyn dumas named 'a powerhouse personality' by gq magazine

The powerhouse personality further explained what inspired the change from law to acting.

I’ve always loved the arts and talking. At school I was in the drama and debaters club. And growing up in the church, I would participate in recitals and Christmas plays. So, it was always something that I was interested in.

“One of the things that I learned quickly in life was the fact that a lot of times we work towards the goals that we set, but sometimes your goals can change as you evolve as a person”

While working as a paralegal I realised that there was something more that I wanted to do, and I started auditioning for television and presenting roles.

I got my first gig and I felt at home, not to say that I did not enjoy working in a law firm, but I don’t have any regrets.

I haven’t been to any acting school. I’ve done a few active workshops in between, but it’s an all-natural talent given by God. I’ve gained admission to the Identity School of Acting (IDSA) – I was meant to go this September but I’m working on a huge project in Nigeria with M net, so I’ve deferred to the next academic class, which I think is in March or April.”

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