JTK Ignites Dance Floors with New Afrobeat Single “Jó”


Nigerian-Canadian artist, Josh the Killer (JTK), is here to get you moving with his latest afrobeat sensation, “Jó.” The word “Jó” translates to “dance” in Yoruba, and this track is all about bringing the dance party vibes.

“Jó” is an Afrobeat dance and party rap song featuring lyrics in English, Nigerian Pidgin English, and Yoruba. It’s a celebration of music and movement, encouraging everyone to hit the dance floor and let loose. The catchy hooks and infectious beats make it the perfect soundtrack for parties, club nights, or just a good time with friends.


Josh the Killer (JTK) is a talented rapper with a unique style that combines authentic storytelling with vibrant sounds. He’s been steadily building a fanbase with his raw and emotional music, and “Jó” is set to be another hit in his growing discography.

Don’t miss the chance to experience the exhilarating sounds of “Jó” by Josh the Killer (JTK). It’s available now on all major streaming platforms, and it’s guaranteed to lift your spirits and get you dancing.

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