Just Geo Drops Hardcore Rap Anthem “Always Gonna Be” featuring Flirta D

Just Geo And Flirta D
Just Geo and Flirta D

Renowned artist Just Geo has unleashed his latest hardcore rap track, “Always Gonna Be,” featuring the talented Flirta D. With dominant lyrics echoing the sentiment of persistence and ambition, the chorus resounds with the phrase “Still not where I wanna be.”

In addition to his thriving music career, Just Geo is also the founder of the label and party, Down The Road. Known for his dynamic and energetic approach to rap, Just Geo consistently pushes boundaries in the genre.

“Always Gonna Be” showcases Just Geo’s relentless pursuit of his goals and artistic excellence. The collaboration with Flirta D adds an extra layer of intensity to the track, creating a hardcore rap anthem that resonates with listeners.