Kaakie Signals Her Comeback After Pursuing Studies Abroad


After a hiatus from the music industry to pursue studies in the United States, Ghanaian dancehall artiste Kaakie has announced her much-anticipated comeback. In 2018, Kaakie left the shores of Ghana to further her education, following the termination of her contract with the High-Grade family.

In a recent interview on Accra-based 3FM, Kaakie expressed her eagerness to re-establish herself in the music industry. She revealed that she has been diligently working behind the scenes and has received unwavering support from her husband and various industry players.

“Actually I came in purposely…So by God’s grace, I’m coming back to the scene, and we are working hard. I haven’t just been silent. I have been working behind the scenes and I haven’t been alone. I’ve had genuine support from my husband; he’s been pushing me, and I’ve also met people that were in the scene,” she shared during the interview.

With her determination and the support she has garnered, Kaakie is poised to make a significant impact and reclaim her position as a prominent figure in the Ghanaian music industry.