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Kabusa Oriental Choir Releases Choral Cover of Omah Lay’s “Soso”

Kabusa Oriental Choir has recently unveiled their mesmerizing choral cover of Omah Lay’s viral hit song, “Soso.” This rendition of the song captures the message of pain and the longing for freedom from its chains. By approaching the song from a choral perspective, the Kabusa Oriental Choir aims to create a relatable and emotive experience for listeners.

“Soso” delves into the depths of pain and the desire to break free from its grasp. Kabusa Oriental Choir recognizes that pain is an emotion that resonates with everyone, and they have chosen to express this universal feeling through their choral rendition. They believe that pain can be addictive, much like the melodies in the song, making it highly relatable to a wide audience.

The Kabusa Oriental Choir’s cover of “Soso” showcases their exceptional talent for creating choir versions of popular songs. Their unique approach to music has garnered them a significant following since their inception in March 2019. The choir, led by Austin Chinemezu Nwamara, has evolved from creating covers to releasing original songs that resonate with listeners.

Their previous releases, such as “The Corona Song” and “Valentine is Coming,” have gained widespread recognition and propelled them into the global spotlight. The choir’s versatility and ability to connect with audiences have earned them features on platforms like BBC 1XTRA RADIO and a dedicated fan base.

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