KALON MAC Drops the Opening Track “Obi Mac” from Midnight Memories Tape

Kalon Mac Obi Mac

Orange County’s very own KALON MAC introduces listeners to the enchanting world of “Obi Mac,” the opening track from his Midnight Memories tape. As a versatile artist, Kalon Mac brings a fresh perspective to the music scene by blending modern production with compelling lyrics, promising a unique and engaging listening experience.

“Obi Mac” serves as a captivating introduction to KALON MAC’s Midnight Memories tape, providing a glimpse into his innovative approach to music creation. The track beckons listeners to explore the entire tape, promising a journey that seamlessly blends elements of old-school charm with contemporary production.

Hailing from Orange County, California, KALON MAC stands out not only for his skills in music production but also for his lyrical prowess. Drawing inspiration from musical legends like Stevie Wonder, Pharrell, Chad Hugo (The Neptunes), Sade, Outkast, and Nujabes, Kalon Mac infuses his work with a rich tapestry of influences.

Listeners can expect more than just a sonic experience; KALON MAC’s Midnight Memories tape is a testament to his commitment to meaningful and poetic storytelling. The opening track, “Obi Mac,” sets the tone for a musical exploration that transcends genre boundaries, inviting audiences into a world where modernity meets the timeless essence of soulful expression.

Osafo Daniel
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