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Kami Leonne Returns With #AfroSilk Single “For You”

Kami Leonne
Kami Leonne

Congolese songstress Kami Leonne is turning the heat up just in time for the summer with her new single “For You”, the latest addition to her #AfroSilk sonic universe.

Following the successful release “Te Quiero”, a single which marked the beginning of a new chapter as she transitioned from being a faceless artist to revealing her identity, Kami’s evolution is reflected in her music, consistently showcasing her growth and versatility.

In less than a week, “For You” has already garnered editorial support on major Spotify playlists, such as Alté Cruise, Soft Life and New Music Friday, to name a few. The song’s sonic landscape is seamlessly brought to life by Omani talent and frequent collaborator Adam Nabeel, who produced and arranged the record. Together, they create a genre-bending instrumental that draws from Latin American, Middle Eastern and African influences. With her catchy hook and Nabeel’s memorable guitar melodies, listeners are transported to a place where worries unravel like threads in the wind, leaving only the desire to embrace the song’s infectious energy.

Kami Leonne For You Cover Art
Kami Leonne For You Cover Art

Speaking on the single, Leonne says:

“FOR YOU” is a song about letting go and allowing myself to have fun – figuratively and literally. As my second release of the year, which comes right in time for the summer, I wanted to bring something new, but still familiar that I knew my audience would resonate with. Adam Nabeel, who is the producer, brought this record to life in the most unique way as he always does, and I hope that whoever listens to it is captivated by its infectious and positive energy. ”

A vibrant tapestry of sound and emotion, “For You” by Kami Leonne is a true reflection of her essence, transcending cultural boundaries and challenging what is expected of her. Leonne’s signature sultry vocals draped over Nabeel’s electric guitars provide the perfect song for those looking to immerse themselves in captivating and rhythmic music.

Listen on all platforms here

Artist Biography:

South African born, Congolese songstress Kami Leonne is a Dubai based singer-songwriter emerging onto the scene as the enchantress of silky sounds. 

Having lived in over 4 continents, it comes as no surprise that she is influenced by her diverse upbringing and expresses through a unique fusion of English, French, Spanish, Lingala and Arabic. Refusing to compromise her cultural diversity, she embraces her ability to effortlessly flow over productions inspired by the transatlantic sonics that have shaped her life experiences. 

Despite being in the early stages of her career, her sultry melodies and hypnotic vocals have already earned coveted cosigns from Lyrical Lemonade, Native Mag, Ones To Watch and more. 

The up-coming talent, both versatile and adaptable, is committed to amplifying the voice of Congolese creatives on a global scale and paving the way for her generation and those to follow. With musical influences ranging from R&B & Afrobeats, to Son Cubano and Arabic ballands, she brings a refreshingly familiar sound to the African music scene.  Crowned as the Queen of “AfroSilk”, Kami Leonne is undoubtedly forging a path of her own through authenticity and sheer talent.

For more info on Kami Leonne: Website: Kami Leonne | Instagram | Twitter | TikTok | Youtube

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