Karlos Ty Blends Afroneats and RnB on “Bang My Line”

Karlos Ty
Karlos Ty

Karlos Ty, an aspiring Music Producer & Songwriter from Karlsruhe, Germany, has recently released a new song titled “Bang My Line.” With a devotion to his craft, Karlos Ty’s musical style encompasses R&B, Hip-Hop, Trap, and Pop, allowing him to explore a diverse range of sounds.

Born in Kazakhstan, Karlos Ty and his family relocated to Germany when he was three years old. As a young adult, he found inspiration in artists like Chris Brown, Jeremih, and Ty Dolla Sign, recognizing music as a source of happiness and healing.

Karlos Ty Bang My Line
Bang my line cover

Motivated by his passion for music, Karlos Ty pursued a music career and studied music production, compositions, and management at the University of Stuttgart.

Karlos Ty’s debut track, “Romance,” showcases his R&B style and serves as a testament to his growth and talent as a promising producer. Through his music, he aims to communicate expressive storytelling and inspire positivity among listeners.