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KD Soundsystem Unveils Vibrant Summer Single “Lose Control” Featuring King Perryy and Angelo King

Lose Control Artwork
Lose Control Artwork

KD Soundsystem has set the stage for an electrifying summer with the release of their latest single, “Lose Control,” featuring the talents of King Perryy and Angelo King. This captivating track is a preview of what’s to come on KD’s upcoming album, “Next Level Part. 2,” scheduled for release on November 22nd, followed by a highly anticipated release event in Amsterdam.

“Lose Control” is a collaborative production, helmed by the Nigerian producer Jaystuntz and The Teacher from The Netherlands, the producer of KD Soundsystem. The song is set to make waves on a global scale, with promotional efforts targeting radio stations worldwide and the release of (lyric) videos across social media platforms, boasting an impressive reach of over 400K followers on Instagram, 130K followers on TikTok, and 125K on Facebook.

The musical journey of KD Soundsystem continues to evolve, with the group adding a new chapter to their story through their latest single, “Wanna Stay,” featuring the Dutch rapper Masta. This tropical fusion of pop, reggae, and drum & bass is a testament to the group’s versatility and commitment to pushing musical boundaries, and it is now available on all popular online music services.

Comprising a five-man ensemble of songwriters, dancers, MCs, and DJs, KD Soundsystem is renowned for their tropical beats, unique live shows, and a diverse range of musical influences. Their seamless blend of dancehall, soca, reggae, and Africa-beats with elements of dance, bass, and hip-hop has solidified their position as a genre-transcending act with all-encompassing productions and captivating stage performances, exuding nothing but good vibes.

The group’s musical exploration has taken them across the globe, where they have immersed themselves in various cultures and musical styles, collaborating with influential figures in the reggae, dancehall, and Africa-beats scenes. Their travel experiences have significantly influenced their tropical productions, as evidenced by the well-received debut EP “Rimboe Riddim, Vol. 1,” which garnered support from industry heavyweights and showcased their ability to seamlessly blend diverse musical elements.

KD Soundsystem’s dynamic live shows are set to captivate audiences at festivals throughout Europe, with their own club night “Rimboe Riddim” drawing increasing numbers of visitors in the Netherlands. Additionally, the group has secured a monthly show on Funx and a dedicated playlist on Spotify, further solidifying their presence in the music scene.

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