Kelvin Thebra’s ‘Apuskelele Girl’ Embraces Love Amid Uncertainty

Kelvin Thebra
Kelvin Thebra

Emerging act Kelvin Thebra is back with his new song titled ‘Apuskelele Girl’. Kelvin Thebra is ready to drop a new exciting banger. But first, let’s time travel back into culture’s history books.

Back in the early 2000’s the term Apuskeleke was very popular. It was used to describe young girls who dressed in short, skin-tight outfits that made bare certain parts of their body. As expected, the Ghanaian society wasn’t very happy with the new movement of abstract fashion but the young people never cared they stood for what they believed in. So using this as a source of inspiration, Kelvin Thebra coined the word Apuskelele out of Apuskeleke as a word to represent the female character in his song. A strong and firm woman who knows what she wants. That’s who she is.

Kelvin Thebra Apuskelele Girl
Apuskelele Girl cover

“Apuskelele Girl” by Kelvin Thebra is a captivating song that tells the story of a girl confessing her love for a player but hesitates to pursue a relationship because she really knows what she wants in a man. But the guy seems to be a player. Kelvin masterfully weaves a tale of vulnerability and complexity in just under three minutes. The song opens with cool melodies, setting a contemplative tone. Kelvin’s smooth vocals describe the girl’s confession and ask her to embrace the fear of getting hurt.

The lyrics beautifully capture her conflicting emotions and longing for a connection. As the song progresses, Kelvin’s voice soars with passion, mirroring the girl’s internal battle. The music swells with electronic elements, enhancing the emotional depth. “Apuskelele Girl” is a universal anthem that explores the vulnerability and strength it takes to embrace love despite uncertainty. Kelvin’s heartfelt delivery and poignant lyrics make the girl’s story relatable. It is a powerful song that resonates deeply, leaving listeners captivated by the journey of self-discovery and the complexities of love.

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