Kendickson Continues to Make Waves with New Single “Enjoyment”


Rising Nigerian artist Kendickson is back with a bang as he releases his latest single, “Enjoyment.” The track masterfully combines the lively rhythms of Afrobeats with the allure of Amapiano, making it impossible for listeners to resist its infectious beats and melodies.

“Enjoyment” is more than just a club hit. It carries a powerful message about finding joy in life’s moments, regardless of the challenges faced. The song encourages people to savor and celebrate life’s notable moments, providing the perfect soundtrack for their experiences.

Kendickson Enjoyment
Enjoyment cover

Kendickson has been on a steady rise in the Nigerian music scene, with hits like “Jojo” and “Wayo” propelling his career. He followed these with inspirational tracks such as “Blessings.” In 2021, he achieved viral success with “Lole” and the sensation “Ride or Die.”

In January 2023, Kendickson dropped his debut EP, “Love Series,” which showcased his evolving artistry. As an artist, he is not confined to one genre but displays a versatility that speaks to his multifaceted talent as a singer and songwriter.

Kendickson’s musical journey has been influenced by various Afrobeats stars who have left a significant impact on the Nigerian music industry. With “Enjoyment,” he continues to make waves and assert his unique style in the music scene.

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