Kenyan Based Nigerian Artist Lil Kush Links Up With Shekina Karen Releasing ‘Like That’ Remix

Kenyan Based Nigerian Artist Lil Kush Links Up With Shekina Karen Releasing 'Like That' Remix

The Kenyan music scene has been given a lease of fresh breath thanks to Kenyan-based Nigerian musician Lil Kush and Kenyan fierce Femcee Shekina Karen. Their recent release, “Like That Remix,” has captivated worldwide audiences, setting a new standard for musical creativity.

Like That Remix which was uploaded on YouTube on Tuesday, January 16, attracted the attention of countless music lovers who could not help but laud the two for such a masterpiece.

Directed by the highly skilled Izuh Smalls, the music video features vibrant scenes portraying Lil Kush and Shekina Karen as exemplary artists representing East Africa and West Africa.

Lil Kush and Shekina Karen exhibited their impressive artistic and creative side through the Like That Remix video.

The music video which was directed and shot by the very able Izuh Smalls has colorful scenes depicting the two artists as some of the greatest artists representing East Africa and West Africa.

The original version of Like That Remix was first aired in March 2023 and did marvelously well on all music streaming platforms.

The original Like That song was written from an expression of betrayal, love, frenemies, and the endless love for street-hustling men.

In the remix, the aforementioned was represented well, through the colorful works of the director, the set and the general editing.

Fans and critics alike have acknowledged that Lil Kush and Shekina Karen have truly outdone themselves with “Like That Remix.” The music video serves as a testament to the duo’s commitment to delivering exceptional and boundary-pushing content.

As the anticipation for Lil Kush’s “Monster EP” builds, “Like That Remix” continues to solidify its place as one of the most significant contributions to the contemporary East African music landscape.

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