Kevin Sol and Skyscrapa Drop ‘Sol & Sky’ EP

Kevin Sol and Skyscrapa
Kevin Sol and Skyscrapa

The two Ghanaian stars tap into the synergy of their longstanding friendship to create a 3-track Afrobeats EP that evokes peace and calm. Stream or download “Sol & Sky” across all major digital platforms here

With the summer’s noise now down to zero, Kevin Sol and Skyscrapa bring some much-needed calm to anyone seeking to wind down and “Sol & Sky” is their answer: a soothing 3-track EP radiating with an irresistible warmth that will keep you coming back for more.

Kevin Sol and Skyscrapa have come a long way in their careers–not just as healthy industry rivals–but as real friends who continue to see each other evolve closer to their ideal artistic selves. Such deep-rooted friendship always meant a unique collaboration was imminent: enter “Sol & Sky,” a condensation of the two’s vision into one.

Sol & Sky EP
Sol & Sky EP

At nine minutes long, there’s no slack to contend with, just quality, and the opening song ‘Mood’ ensures fans are in for a good start. A tune fit for those Friday nights where all you want to sit back and relax, ‘Mood’ blends the soft vocals of Kevin Sol against the hardy flows of Skyscrapa to deliver that tough love the gyal dem need. This dynamic is felt across the EP’s two other songs, ’Far Away’ and ‘My Own,’ which reflect the two artists’ feelings of love, loneliness and bliss.

According to both artists, “Sol & Sky” stems from the positive energy they’ve nurtured throughout their time hustling together. In Kevin’s words: “We never gave up on each other, no matter how tough it got. The understanding that there will be a light at the end of our tunnels kept us going and after years of mere talk, we are happy to give our fans a snippet of the bromance Skyscrapa and I share.”

Kevin Sol and Skyscrapa kill two birds with one stone on “Sol & Sky”; they reinforce their bond and talent over three songs that will rejuvenate anyone who had it rough this week.

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