Kiey Releases Hypnotic New Single “white boy i sat next to on the plane”


Emerging artist Kiey has unveiled his latest single, “white boy i sat next to on the plane,” signaling the start of his highly anticipated third album. Following a successful run from 2022-2023, which included the release of four music videos for his sophomore album “Sunday Sanctuary” and a Vietnamese single titled “Mê Cung,” Kiey is now preparing for his next musical chapter.

For his upcoming album, Kiey delves into a more simplistic, instrumental indie sound, incorporating laidback drums, pianos, and strings through loops and samples. “white boy i sat next to on the plane” serves as a preview of this new direction, capturing a hypnotic and bittersweet essence.

White Boy I Sat Next To On The Plane
White boy i sat next to on the plane

The single is inspired by Kiey’s own experience on a plane, where he found himself captivated by a beautiful guy sitting across the aisle. In the song, Kiey imagines an alternate universe where he musters the courage to introduce himself and embark on a beautiful relationship. However, in reality, his shyness prevented him from approaching the person, leaving the fantasy to exist solely within the poetry of the song.

Drawing influence from artists such as Troye Sivan, Lana Del Rey, Britney Spears, Utada Hikaru, and Björk, Kiey continues to develop his unique musical style. His debut album in 2019, “Night To Myself,” served as a love letter to the night and its hidden secrets. In contrast, his sophomore album, “Sunday Sanctuary,” embraced a bright, cinematic, and uplifting electro-pop sound. With his upcoming third album, Kiey explores a more stripped-back, instrumental indie approach, incorporating laidback drums, pianos, and strings using loops and samples.

“white boy i sat next to on the plane” showcases Kiey’s talent for crafting hypnotic, minimalistic pop records. The song beautifully encapsulates the emotions and yearning that can arise from a fleeting encounter, leaving listeners captivated by its bittersweet allure.

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