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Kimilist Chronicles Love and Swagger in ‘Bad Boy Diaries’ EP


Ghanaian Kimilist artist known for his electrifying musical prowess, is set to captivate audiences once again with his “Bad Boy Diaries” EP. The project, five versatile tracks ranging from Afrobeats to edgy Hip-Hop fusions and hints of Afro swing, provide an intimate glimpse into Kimilist’s life and experiences giving listeners a 360 blend of feel-good sounds.

Drawing inspiration from relationships, Kimilist dives deep into the role of a charismatic lover on the “Bad Boy Diaries” EP. The track list reflects this with titles such as “Peng Tin,” featuring the soulful voice of Abbla Unique, “Own That,” “Come Closer” featuring Larruso, “Kimilist,”, “Slower” and “Trophy Girl.” Each song is a window into Kimilist’s heart and mind, capturing the essence of romance, longing, and heartfelt connections.
As a storyteller, the Mimlife Records signee adopts an unapologetically Bad-Man persona when he should, serenading the ladies with melodic advances while weaving relatable narratives that would resonate with his listeners.

Bad Boy Diaries Cover Art Front
Bad Boy Diaries Cover Art Front

“Bad Boy Diaries” isn’t just a collection of songs; it’s a sincere reflection of Kimilist’s experiences and emotions, delivered with undeniable charisma. The EP’s diverse soundscapes offer a musical experience that transcends boundaries and Kimilist’s versatility shines bright.

With his signature laid back style, the lyricism and his ability to seamlessly switch between genres, Kimilist crafts a cohesive musical journey that captivates from start to finish. The EP not only captures the intricacies of relationships but also showcases the power of music to evoke emotions and spark connections on a personal level.

Experience the magic of “Bad Boy Diaries” by streaming the EP on all major platforms here

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