King Kerby’s Album ‘Saba’ Reflects Unparalleled Power and Self-Belief

King Kerby

Prolific Kenyan rap maven, herbalist, and entrepreneur King Kerby is set to release his highly anticipated third studio album, ‘Saba’, under the Zama Sessions distributions imprint. The album was recorded in Cape Town and partially in Nairobi, showcasing a diverse range of sound and cultural influences.

‘Saba’ features production from talented artists such as ZINO D and LD Beats, who infuse the project with ambient hip-hop beats. The album includes collaborations with Cape Town songbird O’Hara on the mesmerizing track “Flow So Cold,” rising star Ta’Eish on the triumphant “Out The Way,” and clean-cut visuals on the energetic “Wengi.”

King Kerby Saba
King kerby saba

This album follows King Kerby’s previous solo studio offerings, ‘Metro Empathy’ in 2016 and ‘Mapenzi Sio Dini’ in 2018. Throughout the year, King Kerby has been making waves with multiple singles, collaborations with Mura, the release of the Accra-influenced EP ‘Accra Nights,’ and various drops leading up to his Zama Sessions debut, ‘Saba’.

With tracks like “Wengi” and “Hapa Kule,” King Kerby evokes emotions of self-belief, impassioned will, and feel-good vibes throughout the record. Hailing from the same area as renowned artist E-Sir in Nairobi’s South C, King Kerby’s lyricism effortlessly weaves together with a strong sense of alignment with his purpose of making music.

“The record is called Saba because that is the number of divine alignment and purpose. This is my superstar era and I want to hug it as tightly as possible. The music, business, and all my actions reflect this because the inner work has been done and now the music can thrive off that” Kerby says of the album. 

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