King Promise Credits Dance for the Popularity of “Terminator”

King Promise at VGMA 23
King Promise at VGMA 23

Ghanaian Highlife musician King Promise has attributed the success of his hit song “Terminator” to its captivating dance choreography. According to him, the dance featured in the song’s music video significantly contributed to its popularity among Ghanaians and beyond.

King Promise praised the dancers who performed in the music video and expressed his appreciation for their contribution to the song’s success. He mentioned that while he doesn’t frequently feature dancers in his music videos, this collaboration was a blessing.

In an interview at Mr. Eazi’s “Evil Genius” Album Listening Party, King Promise emphasized the interconnectedness of music, arts, and dance, stating that when these forces come together, they create powerful and appealing content. He highlighted the importance of synergy between music and dance, emphasizing how it enhances the overall experience for both artists and audiences.

The dance in “Terminator” not only added an exciting element to the song but also helped propel it to greater heights in the music industry. King Promise’s acknowledgment of the significance of dance in music underscores its role in creating memorable and impactful music experiences