Kinjunia Releases New Dancehall Anthem “Dream”


Kinjunia, a talented artist hailing from Accra, Ghana, has recently released his latest single titled “Dream.” Crafted as a personal manifesto back in 2007 when Kinjunia was a 17-year-old high school student, the song quickly became an anthem for youth in certain circles of Accra. “Dream” is an uplifting soliloquy that reflects this young man’s aspirations of becoming a successful artist and providing a better life for himself and his parents.

While his initial attempt at a musical career proved unsuccessful, Kinjunia never gave up on his dream. “Dream” serves as the perfect (re)introduction of this talented artist to fans worldwide, encouraging them to dream, believe, and persevere despite all obstacles. The song resonates with listeners, inspiring them to pursue their own dreams and overcome adversity.

Kinjunia Dream
Kinjunia dream cover

With anticipation building for brand new music releases, Kinjunia is poised to make 2024 a milestone year. His style, which he defines as ‘Afrohall,’ is influenced by the sounds of his native Ghana and the vibrant Jamaican music and culture, despite never having visited the beautiful island of Jamaica. Kinjunia’s music seamlessly blends infectious African beats with elements of Jamaican Dancehall and patois, creating a unique sound that captivates listeners.

Born and raised in the dynamic music scene of Accra, Kinjunia is known for his soulful voice, charisma, and positive messaging. Despite facing setbacks in his music career years ago, he remained resilient and never lost faith in his vision. Now, in 2024, he aims to make a lasting impact on his fans and the music industry.

Kinjunia draws inspiration from artists like Popcaan, one of his favorites, as he continues to explore new sounds and push the boundaries of his craft. His debut single, “Dream,” written and performed circa 2017, showcases his growth as an artist and his unwavering determination to succeed.