Kinjunia Unveils Enchanting Love Song “Honey”


Rising Ghanaian artist Kinjunia has released a new Soulful love song “Honey.” This marks his second release of the year, and it is poised to serenade lovers with a profuse confession of love, capturing the essence of romance and affection in a melodic tale of endearment.

Released ahead of Valentine’s Day 2024, “Honey” represents a heartfelt expression of love as the artist, deeply enamored, confides in his love interest, professing that she is his ‘honey’ and that without her, his heart pounds in a rhythmic symphony of affection. This love song is written in a rich mix of English, Jamaican Patois, and Twi, a language of the Akan people in Ghana, further deepening the cultural and emotional resonance of the composition.

Kinjunia’s musical journey is deeply rooted in the vibrant music scene of Accra, where he has honed his craft and defined his signature style as ‘Afrohall,’ a genre that seamlessly intertwines the infectious beats of his African heritage with the rhythmic allure of Jamaican Dancehall and patois. Despite never having set foot on the beautiful island of Jamaica, Kinjunia has embraced the essence of Jamaican music, infusing it into his artistry with an authenticity that captivates audiences.

Kinjunia - Honey
Kinjunia – honey

His debut single “Dream,” released circa 2017, marked the beginning of his musical odyssey, despite initial setbacks that tested his resolve. Undeterred, Kinjunia persevered and remained steadfast in his vision, culminating in the release of “Honey” as a testament to his unwavering commitment to creating music that resonates with the soul.

As he sets his sights on making 2024 a year to remember for his fans, Kinjunia draws inspiration from his favorite artists, including the acclaimed Popcaan, infusing his music with charisma, positive messaging, and an unwavering dedication to his art.

With “Honey” poised to enchant audiences ahead of the 2024 St. Valentine’s Day celebrations, Kinjunia invites music enthusiasts to join him on a serenade of love and affection, embracing the mellow tune and profound storytelling that defines this captivating love song.

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