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KJ! Drops Uplifting Single “Good Day” Amidst Pandemic Struggles


In the midst of the pandemic’s turmoil, Utah-based artist KJ! delivers a burst of positivity with his latest release, “Good Day.” The song, born out of the challenges brought on by the pandemic, is a testament to KJ!’s resilience and creative prowess.

As an artist dealing with ADHD and navigating the complexities of life during a pandemic, KJ! found himself in a writing slump. The isolation, disrupted routines, and burnout added layers of difficulty. However, “Good Day” emerges as a beacon of light, bringing a much-needed dose of optimism during challenging times.

Kj Good Day
Kj good day

The track, characterized by its infectious pop sound, was a departure from KJ!’s usual style. Straying from intricate lyricism, he focused on creating a melody-driven, positive vibe. The result is a refreshing and fun song that stands out in KJ!’s repertoire.

What makes “Good Day” unique is not just its positivity but also KJ!’s journey of harmonic growth. It marks a significant point in his evolution as an artist, with a deeper exploration of harmonies. Through revisions and experimentation, KJ! has elevated the background elements, creating a musical landscape that resonates with a newfound depth.

Reflecting on the process, KJ! shares, “I’m really proud of where the harmonies ended up, and it was cool to watch the whole complexion and vibe of the song change as we really honed in on our harmonies.”

As KJ! continues to carve his path in the music industry, “Good Day” serves as a testament to his dedication to craft, creativity, and an unwavering commitment to producing music that connects with listeners on a profound level.