KOAST Releases Debut Single “Charmer” with a Fresh Twist on Afropop


KOAST has recently unveiled his debut single titled “Charmer,” which brings a fresh twist to the Afropop scene. With influences from his Ghanaian, German, and British background, KOAST blends various musical elements to create a unique sound that resonates with fans of afro, trap, and pop genres.

“Charmer” is sung in the dynamic Pidgin language and revolves around the excitement of a flirtatious encounter. The song focuses on the physicality, allure, and playful banter that comes with such encounters. It transports listeners to the heart of a vibrant party, exuding a smooth seduction and irresistible charm.

Koast Charmer
Koast charmer

The production of “Charmer” is credited to BLNT (Better Luck Next Time), a collective that includes KOAST among its members. BLNT, known for their work with Berlin rapper Saliou on “Jiggy Flow,” has expertly combined hard-hitting 808s with authentic Afro beats, layered guitars, and energetic synths. The result is a groove-laden and seductive audio experience that seamlessly blends different musical elements.

The track has been mastered by Seth Munson, who has previously worked with artists such as RiFF RAFF and Christina Grimmie. Munson’s expertise adds to the overall quality of “Charmer,” making it a perfect choice for both club settings and after-hours listening.

“Charmer” marks KOAST’s debut in the music industry, showcasing his talent and unique style. With its infectious energy and captivating sound, the track is sure to make an impact on the Afropop scene and attract a diverse range of listeners.

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