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KOAST Releases New Afro-Pop Single “Shootin'”


KOAST has unveiled his latest single, “Shootin,” following the widespread acclaim of his debut track, “Charmer,” across the Afro blogosphere. Produced by BLNT, recognized for their collaboration with Berlin rapper Saliou, “Shootin” exemplifies KOAST’s distinctive approach to the Afro-Pop genre, blending Afro percussion with captivating vocal chops, RnB piano, and pulsating 808s.

In a statement, KOAST expressed, “With this one, we wanted to bridge the gap between the UK and Ghanaian scenes,” a goal that “Shootin” achieves by featuring the dynamic flows of emerging Ghanaian rapper David AJ.

The track delves into the theme of translating words into action, as KOAST elaborates, “The song is about putting your money where your mouth is, and ‘Shootin’ is the evidence that he’s serious.” Growing up across the UK, Ghana, and Germany, KOAST, a versatile Singer, Producer, and Songwriter, seamlessly integrates culture and sound. His musical journey began at the age of 14, collaborating with diverse artists and production teams, shaping his unique blend of Afro and various other genres, characterized by captivating melodies and distinctive tones that captivate listeners from the outset.

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