Kofi Drops “On Me,” Details Upcoming Album Why Not?

Kofi On Me
Kofi On Me Official video

Toronto-based Ghanaian artist Kofi has just dropped his latest single “On Me” With the single, he’s announced his upcoming album Why Not?, due out May 20 via Red Bull Records.

Written and produced by Kofi himself, this song is driven by its Afro-inspired beat. It follows last month’s buzzy single “Haunt Me” featuring 2KBABY.

“On Me’ is one of my favourite songs, on the album. It’s a continuation of the story in ‘Haunt Me’—I’m realizing that I can really only blame myself for what went wrong with past relationships,” says Kofi about the track.

With Why Not? coming just in time for the summer, Kofi is following in his own footsteps putting out songs to soundtrack the warm weather. 2020’s summer anthem “Babygirl” set up this precedent of upbeat genre-bending tracks for Kofi.

“It’s still not really clear if I want to do hip-hop or R&B or dancehall but the environment that I was in at the time when I started making music, it was all just rap,” he said to Complex Canada around the release of “Babygirl.”

“Being from where I’m from, I was always working with hip-hop artists. It’s not just the music genre, like the lifestyle is hip-hop.”

Check out the music video for “On Me” by Kofi below

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