Kuami Eugene Claims He Wrote 80% of Mr Drew’s Hit Song “Case”

Kuami Eugene and Mr Drew
Kuami Eugene and Mr Drew

Ghanaian artist Kuami Eugene has revealed that he contributed significantly to Mr Drew’s hit song “Case.” According to Kuami Eugene, he wrote about 80% of the song, including the hook and some parts of the second verse.

In an interview, Kuami Eugene expressed disappointment that he hasn’t received the credit he deserves for his contribution to the song. He explained that he had already written the hook and other parts of the song before Mr Drew recorded it. He further stated that Mr Drew had dropped the song without his permission while he was in the United States.

Kuami Eugene emphasized the importance of giving credit to talents in the entertainment industry and expressed his desire for proper recognition. He also mentioned that he wishes the industry could handle such situations with more respect.

Mr Drew’s song “Case” gained attention upon its release, and there were speculations that it was a shade song directed at Ghanaian music producer Kaywa. However, Mr Drew clarified that the song was co-written by him and Kuami Eugene about three years ago, long before the controversy surrounding it.

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