Kuami Eugene Praises Sarkodie as His Go-To Collaborator for Delivering Tough Messages in Music

Kuami Eugene and Sarkodie
Happy Day BTS

In a recent interview on the Kojo Manuel Podcast, renowned Ghanaian Highlife artiste, Kuami Eugene, expressed his admiration for the lyrical prowess of Sarkodie and described him as his first choice when it comes to addressing weighty issues in his songs.

Kuami Eugene emphasized that Sarkodie possesses the unique ability to artfully convey the intended message within a song, making him the perfect collaborator for such occasions.

He stated, “If I want to say something to the public and I want it to be a feature, I’ll call Sarkodie. Anytime I want to say something to the public and it’s dear to my heart, but I want to come hard, I’ll go and knock on Sarkodie’s door. Because he can speak. When he has something to say, he’ll do a song.”

The talented artists have previously joined forces on tracks such as “No More” and “Honey,” both of which garnered acclaim from fans and music enthusiasts.

However, their collaboration on the song “Happy Day” generated controversy when it was associated with political endorsements, a matter Kuami Eugene clarified, expressing discomfort with the political tagging.

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