Kwesi Rankz Unleashes Uplifting AfroPop Jam “DRIP”

Kwesi Rankz
Kwesi rankz

Ghanaian UK-based musician, Kwesi Rankz, has dropped his latest single, “DRIP,” a captivating AfroPop track that blends lush melodies, glorious synths, and smooth vocals. In this infectious jam, Kwesi Rankz shares positive affirmations and thoughts, inviting listeners into his world and providing an escape from the challenges of life through uplifting energy.

“DRIP” is a vibrant fusion of AfroPop, Afrobeat, and Ampiona, infused with a Western vibe. Kwesi Rankz draws inspiration from his Ghanaian roots and the dynamic music scene in the UK, creating a sound that is both innovative and culturally rich.

Kwesi Rankz Drip
Kwesi rankz drip

Reflecting on the inspiration behind “DRIP,” Kwesi Rankz emphasizes the importance of staying optimistic, especially in challenging situations. The lyrics convey a message of resilience and focus, encouraging listeners not to be weighed down by external pressures.

Kwesi Rankz, a UK artist based in London, brings a unique perspective to his music, blending influences from both the UK and Ghana. Born in Ghana, he has cultivated an innovative sound that resonates with a global audience. Despite the distractions outside of music, Kwesi Rankz remains committed to his craft, dedicating time to creating Afrocentric sound waves that captivate and inspire.

As an independent artist, Kwesi Rankz is driven by hard work and passion, making music his primary focus. “DRIP” is a testament to his dedication to delivering vibrant and meaningful music to his growing fan base.

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