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Kwoli Black releases his 6-track project ‘Can I Speak’

Kwoli Black
Kwoli Black

Burgeoning alternative Hip-Hop artist Kwoli Black unveils his introspective 6-track project, ‘Can I Speak.’ Collaborating with the talented singer-songwriter Karl Benjamin and the soulful South London enchantress Bina, this musical endeavour is released through the independent label TLD Records. Kwoli sets a new standard for this project by seamlessly fusing elements of Rap, R&B, Neo Soul, and beyond. Exclusively produced by the skilled and close collaborator JSTRNGS (noted for collaborations with Pip Millet), the 18-minute journey across six tracks serves as Kwoli’s emotional catharsis. The musical odyssey starts with ‘Imposter,’ an enthralling intro that intricately weaves conflicting emotions amidst epic strings and symphonies. ‘Blow,’ co-written with Kojey Radical, accentuates his ambition to elevate his music to unprecedented heights. In the poignant track ‘Son Down,’ featuring Bina’s ethereal vocals, Kwoli delves into his relationship with his father, expressing his aspiration to become a better man and avoid repeating past mistakes. Vulnerability takes centre stage in ‘Can I Speak,’ where the opening lyric powerfully declares, “Competition is heavy on him, anxiety wants me dead.” Throughout these six soul-stirring compositions, Kwoli unfolds the thematic tapestry of his music, delving into identity, self-doubt, relationships, authenticity, and mental health. Renowned for his introspective and emotionally charged lyricism, Kwoli invites listeners on an immersive journey, peeling back layers of his soul and revealing the depths of his artistry.

Kwoli’s fixation with language ignited during his formative years, which was inspired by the poetic brilliance of Rudy Francisco, Reyna Biddy, and Alysia Harris. Immersed in their works, his poetic expressions seamlessly developed into the creation of profound verses. The trajectory of his writing took centre stage, transitioning from the written word to captivating performances at spoken word showcases. A pivotal moment unfolded when JSTRNGS witnessed Kwoli’s gripping rendition of Ab-Soul’s Sapiosexual. This encounter catalysed Kwoli into the uncharted realms of rap music, marking a significant milestone in his journey. Influenced by visionaries such as Tyler the Creator, Childish Gambino, Kendrick Lamar, and the local talents of Kojey Radical and Loyle Carner, Kwoli cultivated a musical identity that resonates with vulnerability and innovation. These artists’ distinctiveness and desire to push creative boundaries have played a crucial role in shaping Kwoli’s unique sound and contributing to his evolution as an artist.

Having refined his artistic prowess over the past few years, Kwoli now emerges as a nonconformist, showcasing versatility and creativity. Having embarked on a transformative journey of self-discovery, he orchestrated a profound shift in both his personal and professional realms. His emotionally charged single, ‘Wake Up,’ featuring the talented Lex Amor has garnered widespread acclaim from tastemakers such as Romesh Ranganathan, COLORS, Clash, and Notion. With ‘Can I Speak,’ Kwoli embarks on a noble quest, urging men to embrace openness and self-expression. Within his solo work, he has crafted a distinctive sound, endeavouring to cement his name as a force in the realm of alternative rap. The release of his latest single, ‘Pretty,’ showcases another side to the artist, Kwoli’s collaboration with Karl Benjamin, fosters a message of self-love and confidence. This track serves as a testament to his personal and artistic evolution, revealing the multifaceted talents he has added to his repertoire. Notably, Kwoli has been recognized as a ‘One to Watch for 2024’ by Guap Magazine and We Are Soul. In the past year, Kwoli has graced the stage at Clash Magazine’s prestigious ‘Next Wave’ event and supported Kojey Radical and Mercys Cartel at London shows. With a burgeoning reputation as an energetic performer, don’t miss the opportunity to witness the magnetic presence of Kwoli Black live. For more info on Kwoli, please visit: Spotify, Instagram Twitter

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