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LALI onthisone and Romeo Swag Team Up on ‘Prayer’

Lali And Romeo

Budding Ghanaian Artiste, LALI onthisone has finally announced the release of his highly anticipated single, “Prayer” featuring Romeo Swag. Predominantly delivered in Ga, the latest song from the camp of LALI onthisone is an inspirational tune that melds Twi, English and Pidgin into both a heart-changing and head-turning banger.

“Prayer” is a captivating ode to spirituality and resilience, delivered on the VernonDj produced instrumentals. LALI onthisone and Romeo Swag’s dynamic collaboration highlights the duo’s creativity and versatility as hard-core rappers that can easily switch from doing rappity-rap songs to more laid-back specific theme-focused songs.

With its uplifting message and infectious rhythm, “Prayer” transcends language barriers, appealing to audiences of diverse backgrounds. Whether listeners understand English, Pidgin, Twi or Ga, the universal themes of hope and faith shine through, creating a powerful and inclusive musical experience.

“Prayer” is now available on all major streaming platforms here.

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