LALI onthisone Unveils Captivating Amapiano Single “Sumorlor” Featuring BXLLY


Renowned artist LALI onthisone is back with a bang, unveiling his second single of the year, an enchanting amapiano track titled “Sumorlor,” featuring the extraordinary talent of BXLLY.

The title of the song, which translates to “lover” in the Ga language of Ghana, takes listeners on a mesmerizing journey of love and affection, beautifully expressed through rhythmic verses and an eclectic blend of languages.

In “Sumorlor,” LALI onthisone and BXLLY seamlessly intertwine their voices and artistry to portray the story of a passionate suitor yearning for a chance to win the heart of the one they love. LALI masterfully leads the charge, contributing to the prehook, hook, and the captivating first verse, while BXLLY takes the stage with a scintillating second verse that leaves listeners captivated and engaged throughout the track’s 3-minute and 13 seconds duration.

The brilliance of “Sumorlor” lies not only in the heartfelt lyrics but also in the linguistic fusion that brings the song to life. The duo effortlessly navigates the interplay between Pidgin and Ga languages, showcasing their exceptional artistic prowess. The result is a harmonious soundscape that soothes the ears and resonates deeply with anyone who has experienced the unspoken emotions of love.

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About LALI onthisone

Donald Delali “Lali” Darke, the driving force behind the musical persona “LALI onthisone” (LOTO), embarked on his musical journey in 2015 at Black Pyramid Studios in Kaneshie. Inspired by Ghanaian legends Sarkodie and E.L, Lali’s early music was in Twi before he transitioned to English, driven by E.L’s Bar II mixtape. LALI’s creative exploration expanded when he integrated his mother tongue, Ga, into his compositions, forging a deeper connection with his roots and audience. His talent shone during his time at Accra Academy, where he clinched three notable musical awards. Today, LALI onthisone is a prominent Afrobeats artist known for his eclectic fusion of genres and occasional forays into rap. The “LOTO” brand, representing “Lali On This One,” symbolizes his unique musical identity.