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Lapricaty delivers positive vibes in new Afrobeats tune ‘Celebration’


Lapricaty is back again with a brand new single titled ‘Celebration’. This brand-new release, the follow up to her previous single ‘Ololufe’, once again puts Lapricaty’s extraordinary talent on full display. ‘Celebration’ is a positive, vibrant and groove-driven song with a unique twist filled with truly memorable melodies that makes this song an unforgettable earworm you’ll definitely put on repeat!

Lapricaty’s ‘Celebration’ delivers imagery and sound that brings to mind a joyful and celebratory scene. Here, she seeks to endow the audience with a sense of togetherness and a welcoming positivity that will make everyone happy when listening to this track, an anthem of positivity and joyfulness soundtracked by an infectious Afrobeats backdrop.

Lapricaty - Celebration Cover
Lapricaty – Celebration Cover

In ‘Celebration’, the artist seamlessly weaves traditional elements of Afrobeats, but with a contemporary twist, preserving the genre’s authenticity while infusing it with modern energy and more importantly, her unique personality. The rhythmic patterns, infectious beats and vibrant instrumentation pay homage to Afrobeats pioneers, capturing the essence of the genre.

‘Celebration’ features a great groove and memorable lyrics that will definitely make you want to hit the dance floor. If you are a fan of Afrobeats, this tune is a must-listen!

‘Celebration’ is available on all digital streaming platforms here

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