Layzee Ella Collaborates with r.d0wn on Genre-Bending Track “Backshots”

Layzee Ella

Rising Nigerian star Layzee Ella has teamed up with South London-based producer r.d0wn to release a captivating new song titled “Backshots.” This genre-bending track combines elements of alte afrobeats with lighthearted lyrics, creating a unique and infectious banger.

“Backshots” is a reflection on the mind games played by a new love interest. Layzee Ella showcases her talent by rapping melodically over the verses before delivering a catchy hook over an uptempo beat. The song’s fusion of warped synths and a heavy 808 bass line adds depth and energy to the track, making it a standout in the music scene.

Layzee Ella Backshots
Backshots cover

Layzee Ella’s artistry shines through in “Backshots,” as she effortlessly blends different musical styles and showcases her versatility as an artist. Her ability to deliver captivating verses and memorable hooks demonstrates her potential for success in the Nigerian music industry and beyond.

Producer r.d0wn, based in South London, has played a crucial role in creating the unique sound of “Backshots.” His production skills bring the track to life, adding layers of complexity and creating a sonic landscape that complements Layzee Ella’s vocals.

With its genre-bending sound and infectious energy, “Backshots” is sure to resonate with fans of alte afrobeats and those looking for fresh and innovative music. The collaboration between Layzee Ella and r.d0wn has resulted in a track that pushes boundaries and showcases their artistic growth.