Leonardoddj and Iyke Parker Team Up With Korshi-T and nel for “Piece of Art”

Leonardoddj And Iyke ParkerLeonardoDDJ and Iyke Parker

Ghana’s new favorite music duo, LeonardoDDJ, and Iyke Parker kick off 2024, where they left off with their first song of the year. After two successive singles, the duo teamed up with vocalist Korshi T and Disk Jockey Nel on the song they call Piece of Art.

There are moments when your eyes fall on someone, and for a brief period you are lost for words because you are caught up in the amazement of the beauty before your eyes. Caught with his eyes on the prize, Korshi T takes his time as he serenades the “work of art” before him. He highlights not only her physical attributes but her entire being as what has caught his attention.

Life is very short, so when you see someone who tickles your fancy, it is only right that you walk up to them and express yourself to them. The song also doubles as an appreciation of one’s self and body.

Produced by Iyke Parker, the song is a mid-tempo blend of Afrobeats and Amapiano and embodies the mood of the song and the message it conveys.

“Piece of Art” is available on all major streaming platforms here

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