Liberian-Canadian Recording Artist/Singer-Songwriter MarvinKann Releases Electrifying AfroPop Single “Princess Fatu”.


Canadian-based Liberian recording artist MarvinKann is making waves in the music world with his electrifying AfroPop single, “Princess Fatu.”

This vibrant track is infused with traditional African rhythms and contemporary pop influences, creating an infectious sound that instantly elevates your mood and fills you with pure joy.

MarvinKann, born Joseph V.M Kanneh, is a gifted emerging recording artist, singer-songwriter, performer, and sound designer currently based in Canada. Since his debut in the music scene in 2018, he has consistently captivated listeners with his magnetic lyrics and remarkable musical experiences.

“Princess Fatu” is a testament to MarvinKann’s ability to blend cultural influences with modern sounds, resulting in a musical masterpiece that transcends borders and resonates with audiences worldwide. The track not only showcases his immense talent but also spreads positive vibes and good energy to all who listen.

As an emerging artist with a promising future, MarvinKann’s dedication to crafting exceptional music is evident in every note of “Princess Fatu.” The track’s availability on all major streaming platforms ensures that listeners from around the globe can experience the joy and positivity it brings.

Listen to “Princess Fatu” on all platforms here

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