Liboi Announces the Release of “Safari” – The Second Single from Upcoming EP


Multidisciplinary artist Liboi is set to captivate audiences with her latest single, “Safari,” the second track from her forthcoming sophomore EP, SAFARI. The single is scheduled for release on Friday, September 29, 2023, promising a musical journey that celebrates cultural diversity, inclusivity, and the power of music as a universal language.

“Safari” is the result of Liboi’s participation in an artist residency in Tanzania from mid-March to April, where she collaborated with creatives from diverse backgrounds, sharing ideas, experiences, and culture. This collective exchange gave birth to the soulful and evocative track.

The song “Safari” beautifully articulates the idea of embarking on a transformative journey filled with uncertainties and anxieties. It underscores the therapeutic role of music and art by conveying the speaker’s longing for a song that provides comfort and solace throughout the expedition. This song serves as a companion, helping them connect with the diverse people they encounter from around the world.

Beyond the literal journey, “Safari” metaphorically emphasizes the unifying power of music and art in bridging cultural divides and fostering mutual understanding among people of different backgrounds. It highlights the universal languages that art and music represent, transcending linguistic and cultural barriers and enabling meaningful connections.

Liboi Safari
Safari cover art

The single seamlessly aligns with the overarching theme of Liboi’s upcoming EP, SAFARI, which celebrates the rich tapestry of musical and cultural diversity in the East African region. It serves as a tribute to the beauty of different cultures coexisting harmoniously.


  • Written and Produced by Sharon Liboi
  • Composed by Sharon Liboi & Evans Mutanduki
  • Guitar by Evans Mutanduki
  • Kalimba by Sharon Liboi
  • 2nd Guitar by Henry Ngugi
  • Bass by Gift & Don Tambo
  • Percussions by Haidari Saidi & Eric Mwangangi
  • Udu by Hassan Temela
  • Sound Engineered by C9, Erick Adam & Modest Chabari
  • Mixed and Mastered by Modest Chabari

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“Safari” invites listeners on an unforgettable sonic journey, fusing diverse musical elements and cultural influences into a harmonious tapestry. Liboi’s artistic vision, dedication to inclusivity, and passion for bridging cultural gaps shine through in this mesmerizing track.


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