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Lone Star Releases Empowering Rap Single “GREEN”

San Antonio, Texas-based independent musician Lone Star has just released her latest rap single titled “GREEN.” With a deep passion for music and a diverse range of influences, Lone Star began recording herself in 2020 and has since been working tirelessly on creating captivating content.

“GREEN” marks the start of Lone Star’s continuous release of music, starting from her birthday on September 27th, 2023. As an artist who embraces versatility, Lone Star’s music varies depending on her creative inspirations at any given time. Having spent a significant amount of time in London, UK, during her schooling, some of her music carries a distinct London sound, adding a unique flavor to her repertoire.

Lone Star Green
Lone star green

While Lone Star has dabbled in modeling and television shows throughout her life, it is music that truly ignites her passion. With ambitions that extend beyond music, Lone Star envisions a future in acting, aiming to make a mark in big movies. Additionally, he aspires to establish her own clothing line and has several other entrepreneurial ventures in the works.

When She’s not recording or working on her music, Lone Star satisfies her wanderlust by traveling the world. These experiences undoubtedly contribute to her artistic growth and creative inspiration.

With “GREEN,” Lone Star showcases her dedication to her craft and her willingness to push boundaries. The single embodies the spirit of empowerment, serving as a testament to Lone Star’s determination to carve her own path in the music industry.

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